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 SPL2 European Qualifiers 

Photos now online!

Events coming up

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September 2-3, 2023

We Stick Together
Ashigaru Skillz Comp & Jam

September 2-3, 2023

Swings 'N Other Things 2023


Parkour in Hal 5

Wekelijkse lessen parkour hal 5 leuven

Find out more about the wide range of lessons.

Vrije trainingen parkour freerunning hal 5 leuven

Come and join the open gym sessions on Sunday.

Kampen vakantiestages parkour freerunning hal 5 leuven

Not sure what to do during the school holidays yet?

Workshops parkour freerunning hal 5 leuven


Initiations or even complete series of lessons for schools.

Girls Only parkourclass

Led by our three international coaches - Rachel Gough, Camilla Stefaniu & Louise Kilstrup - who joined the coaching team in Hal 5 this year, we have started a new Girls Only class on Thursday!


How we organised the Hal 5 Skill Competition

Want to know all about the rules and details of how we organised our second edition of the Hal 5 Skill Comp?

Video of the Week Hal 5 banner

Video of the week




Every week at Hal 5, we feature a parkour video that we think is worth sharing with our students.


We have been doing this on our whiteboard for a few years, but are now taking the next step.


By bringing these videos from the wall to an online platform, we hope more people can discover these perhaps unknown gems, oldschool classics or community projects that might otherwise stay unnoticed. Enjoy!


Latest Videos of the Week