Supporting the Parkour Community

SPRINGSTOF Parkour aims to support parkour culture, creating opportunities through events, obstacle design, media, and more.


How we organised the Hal 5 Skill Competition

Want to know about all the rules and details of how we organised our second edition of the Hal 5 Skill Comp?

Girls Only parkourclass

Led by our three international coaches - Rachel Gough, Camilla Stefaniu & Louise Kilstrup - who joined the coaching team in Hal 5 this year, we have started a new Girls Only class on Thursday!

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of the week



Every week at Hal 5, we feature a parkour video that we think is worth sharing with our students.


We have been doing this on our whiteboard for a few years, but are now taking the next step.

Latest Videos of the Week

Stunts & Performance

We have experience with production work for both TV, commercials and live performances.


Latest videos