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SPRINGSTOF is a parkour brand with the ambition to create opportunities

for both the community and the sport itself.


It was on a warm evening in May 2020, the sun setting after the perfect day of training, when the idea of starting a parkour brand suddenly appeared to the two friends. The next morning* they wrote down their vision, came up with a name and behold; SPRINGSTOF was born!

*In reality, it took almost half a year to realise we wanted to start a brand, and another 6 months to finally settle on SPRINGSTOF as a name. But that doesn't sound as exciting, does it?


SPRINGSTOF undoubtedly ​sprouted from our - still ongoing - Hal 5 adventure. Working together with Cirkus in Beweging and the Leuven parkour community, we achieved things well above our own expectations.

Hal 5 - and parkour in general -  has given us so many opportunities and made us realise the potential within its community.

“We aim to keep creating opportunities through media, events, classes, workshops, design and production„


While parkour consists of so many aspects, and SPRINGSTOF aims to focus its efforts towards multiple of them, we have defined some values we believe are important while doing so.

  • Helping maintain a positive image of parkour.

  • Creating opportunities for athletes and communities, both training and work related.

  • Creating and supporting parkour media.

  • Ensuring high-quality parkour education and information.

  • Encouraging controlled, safe and responsible parkour practice.


We believe community is one of the most powerful things in our sport. While at its core parkour is an individual sport, it wouldn't be the same without the community vibes. Training and having fun with other wall-jumping companions, unlocking that awkward challenge or progressing together, these are some of the best things about the sport.

Dami going for a precision, with bounce-backup by Luki and Nico

Likewise, SPRINGSTOF wouldn't be anything without the community. We start from our community here in Leuven, Belgium, but always like to broaden our view, nationally and internationally. Events, masterclasses, traveling, video projects or exchanges with other parkour organisations, there are so many options when creating connections with others. Even just inviting some friends to come over to train and have a good time is already worth it!

Let's go!

SPRINGSTOF Parkour puts a name on the things we have already achieved, but especially on what we could still achieve in the future. We are very excited to see where this will take us!

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