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SPRINGSTOF Parkour Performance

Production & performance

Over the years, we have been part of many projects ranging from film, TV and commercials to live performances and events.

Finding the right athlete for the job or helping behind the scenes,

we'd love to see how we can contribute to your ideas or projects!

View some featured projects below.

Ketnet - Hoodie

thumb hoodie met logo.png

Hoodie tells the story of 16-year-old Pieter, a passionate traceur who, together with his friends, uses his talent like a modern Robin Hood to fight crime in the suburbs of Brussels.

Despite main actor Maarten Cop (Hoodie) being a very skilled athlete himself, he was not allowed to do all movements and stunts himself.


For most of the parkour-heavy sequences and stunts, Nicolas Vanhole, Geert Meeusen and Zaur Kourazov stunt doubled the main characters. Extra stand-ins were also athletes from the Belgian community, and for one sequence they even flew over George McGowan and Joseph Marx from The Motus Projects. (Watch their BTS video here.)

With 156 episodes for the Belgian children's TV channel Ketnet, this is definitely one of the biggest projects we have been fortunate enough to be part of!

Featured projects

Follow Us

Follow Us Performance Leuven

Follow Us is a performance created for the circusfestival CirkL 2019. A social-artistic performance that scans through the former industrial neighbourhood of Leuven, Belgium.

For 2 weeks, 
Be Flat worked with 10 of our local athletes about the strength of a group moving in public space.

Remco Revalk_-07593.jpg
Remco Revalk_-08673.jpg

While it won't match being part of the physical audience during the show, you can get a glimpse of the experience by watching the 16-minute aftermovie on Vimeo.

Also check out a selection of photos by Remco Revalk below!