350 All-time Classic Parkour Videos

The ideal moment

I've been looking for a good time to make a list of all my favorite parkour videos for a long time. Or maybe just an excuse to check them all out again! The first lockdown (March 2020) was therefore the ideal moment for this list, that has gotten slightly out of control.

By slightly out of control I mean: watching more than 100 hours of parkour videos and selecting my favorites to compile a list of 350 videos. Going through all the main classics in the morning; from Storror, Storm, Gup and Farang, to Blane and Teghead. Then going out to train hard in the afternoon. Again, ideal!

Let's get started

With a cup of coffee in hand, I started. First, make a list of all the big teams, watch my 'Favorites' playlist from youtube, and then check some extra accounts here and there. Can't be that much work. I thought ...

Take Storror for example. I start going through their 400+ videos, but then it only just started. Because Callum Powell also had an active account with all kinds of golden oldies from the pre-Storror era. Besides Callum, both Toby, Sacha and even the Horsham boys also had their own channels, which of course all had to be checked. With every account I looked at, two new ones immediately appeared on the list. Same for Ashigaru; Andi Woehle also has his own account. On the list. Endijs Miscenko, too. Silke Sollfrank, the boys from Dusseldorf, etc...

The list of accounts to check seemed endless, but I also re-watched a lot of great videos. Videos that have enriched the culture of parkour, and have had such a profound impact on the progression of parkour in all its facets. And undoubtedly on my own training and progression through all those years as well!

The purpose of this list

• Be sure that those young twats know what the frick parkour is about!

• Be sure that we, old twats, can look back and daydream about the good old days.

• See the progress in movement, video aesthetics (camera use/editing, ...) , and parkour teams in general.


By the time I write this post, the list is already months old, and therefore outdated.

The Motus Projects have meanwhile released their 'Sole Destroyer' film, an instant classic. Just like the recently dropped Capstone video. The list would probably already be close to 400 videos.

This is a personal list!

Some of these videos may not be seen as 'classics' to others. On the other hand, I have undoubtedly forgotten a lot of classics, for which I apologise!

Download the full list below!

350 All-time Classic Parkour Videos - SPRINGSTOF Parkour [10]
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