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Designing, realising or advising for parkour gyms and parks.
Both indoor and outdoor.

Design & build

Tim Champion big swing at Hal 5 patio parkour park

As active practitioners - for more than 15 years already - we know what is important. Thanks to our experience gained over the years, we create parks and gyms that offer challenge for all levels.

We have also been teaching parkour classes for more than 10 years ourselves, and know what a gym needs to be able to offer quality lessons.

Passion for parkour


Indoor parkour gyms

Hal 5 indoor parkour park with people training

Our goal with design for parkour is to create a space that offers a lot of possibilities.


Thanks to our many years of experience in both managing our own parkour gym, as well as designing and building it, we look at the possibilities of a location and make optimal use of it.

Our space in Hal 5 is often mentioned by many international athletes as one of the best in the world. We still blush a little when we hear this, but are of course also very proud of this!

Years of experience

Hal 5 parkour gym building in progress

For indoor projects we can take your idea from design to realisation. Together we look at the possibilities of the space to get the most out of it.


Aimed at different skill levels, suitable for teaching, fixed or movable obstacles, we respond to the needs and wishes that exist in the location.

From concept to realisation

Hal 5 Parkour Gym

Role: Concept, design, construction
Client: Cirkus in Beweging

Wild Gym Herent

Role: Concept, design, construction
Client: Wild Gym

Indoor projects

Outdoor parkour parks

Person doing parkour at Hal 5 outdoor park

Building outdoor parkour parks in Belgium is  - just like in many other countries - still in its infancy.


As a result, there are still too many examples where poor choices have been made. Poor material choice, illogical distances or a design where the connection between obstacles is missing.

Our motivation is simple: To prevent these missed opportunities and instead deliver quality designs that actually get used by the community!

Our design mission