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Ladies in Leuven

With the support of MIJNLEUVEN

A day of parkour for women & more

Ladies in Leuven is a day full of workshops by (pro) athletes, open training sessions and good times.

We bring women and non-binary together in an encouraging environment. Take your first strides in parkour, or further develop your skills with a group of like-minded people.

Where & when

The 2024 edition of Ladies in Leuven took place on February 18th at Hal 5 in Leuven.

Next year's event will also be held at the Hal 5 parkour gym, most likely again in February.

We hope to see you there!


Photo: Lukas Wolfs

2024 edition


We start the day with a general warmup and then continue to the workshops. These are coached by invited athletes, and are aimed at both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

With a rotation system of smaller groups, topics are tailored to each experience level.


Do not miss the 2025 edition!

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Open training

Join the training session in the afternoon and learn from each other!


The jam is a great moment to continue working on the techniques you learned during the workshops, or just get some more training in.

Alternatively, you can also try some of the fun challenges set by the coaches.

Stretch & chill

End the day with a joint stretching session (pun not intended) and watch some inspiring video projects.

Afterwards, come hang out at the bar at Hal 5 for some food and drinks, and look back on what hopefully was a successful day of training and fun.

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