Parkour at Hal 5

Powered by Cirkus in Beweging, the gym is part of the Hal 5 project and our main hub for the local parkour community. 

Designing & building

 a parkour gym

Our aim with design is to create a space that gives endless possibilities, to boost both training and community.

More on this soon.


Events are the perfect opportunity to travel, have fun, train hard, enjoy community vibes or catch up with that friend you haven't seen in ages.

Bringing the community together at events is something we want to increasingly put effort in.

Coaching and training

Run by Cirkus in Beweging, the indoor gym at Hal 5 is mainly used to teach parkour to 600+ members with a team of 25+ coaches.


There are also free trainings, workshops, holiday camps and every now and then we organise some events.

People interested in classes or workshops can find more info at




Our goal is to create opportunities for parkour athletes and communities.

Leuven, Belgium