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Parkour at opening Olevodroom

Leuven's city center has a new cultural landmark: the 'Olevodroom'. The colourful artwork at the Hertogensite, successor to the 'Velodroom', is officially open to the public from Saturday, March 30th. The opening was celebrated with urban demo's, including some parkour.

SPRINGSTOF provided consultancy on the design to integrate some parkour options - although perhaps aimed more for the advanced practitioner!

The participatory design process of the new piece involved youths from Leuven organisations Erat, ’t Lampeke, and Arktos, under the guidance of artists Jozef Wouters and Menno Vandevelde from Decoratelier. As a result, the Olevodroom serves as an urban meeting spot, with an open dance floor for breakdance battles, hip-hop and other urban initiatives.

Supported by the European project Varcities, the Olevodroom will stay on the site of the future performing arts venue at least until the end of 2024. Once the construction of the new site starts, the artwork will be moved to a new location.

Photos: © Jan Crab
Photos: © Lukas Wolfs


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